Individual assignment – sox paper

Individual Assignment – SOX Paper

Write a paper on the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002.)

A formal introduction paragraph, including thesis

2) The circumstances leading up to the Act

3) A summary of the major provisions of the Act

4) How the Act changed the accounting regulatory environment

5) The perceived positive and negative effects caused by the Act since it’s implementation.

6) A formal conclusion paragraph


Your paper should be in APA format.  See attached APA sample paper (link at right).  Your paper should be formatted the same as the sample paper, as should any and all other papers you write in this class.



 forgot to add this part:

Your paper should include at least 5 credible references.  1 of the references must be your textbook.  Wikipedia and/or Investopedia are NOT credible references.  These are just examples… there are many more non-credible references