Hw 2 | Operations Management homework help


Week 2 Assignment:

This week we will study chapter 3 “Evaluating a Company’s external environment.” This chapter presents the concepts and analytical tools for assessing a single-business company’s external environment. Attention centers on the competitive arena in which a company operates, together with the technological, societal, regulatory, or demographic influences in the macro-environment that are acting to reshape the company’s future market arena. Go to Week 2 Lecture to see details about the chapter’s content. Additionally, there are several supplemental readings which allow us to be aligned with some of the current trends in marketing and management.

Exercise 1:

This exercise will be applied to the industry assigned by your instructor. To prepare it you must read chapter 3 and Case Study 6 “Netflix’s Business Model and Strategy in Renting Movies and TV Episodes”. This written Netflix case analysis will be an excellent reference to learn how to identify and describe the external environment in its industry. The Youtube video referred in the attachment is unavailable, but you can watch the one on the following link to know more about Netflix, instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCn4hdTI2jc

As part of your assignment, you will be asked to do a similar analysis regarding the industry your company belongs to based on the points mentioned below. 

The written report applied to your industry environment will be based on the following:

1.1. Identify and describe in your industry’s context the five competitive forces of competition. Explain how they impact on the industry.

1.2. Identify strategic groups in your industry’s context.

1.3. Explain the driving factors present in your industry.

1.4. Identify the key factors of success in your industry.

Expected outcomes: Individual assignment through the W2 Turnitin link based on question 1. Full credits for the written report will be based upon identification and description of the elements to be covered by the student, for example, for the topic “driving changes” you must identify all the driving changes shown in your industry based on the ones explained in your textbook. The identification/description of some of them will not guarantee full credits for your explanation.