Hazardous materials | Applied Sciences homework help

Discuss with the class any experience you have had with preparing hazardous materials for shipment. Include the types of hazardous materials, the mode of shipping, and any labels and placards that you remember using. If you do not have experience preparing hazardous materials for shipment, discuss any placards on commercial vehicles (e.g., semis, trains) that you have noticed while traveling recently. Which types of hazardous materials have you seen the most? Were there any placards that you saw that surprised you?



I use to be a laborer for a company that deactivated and demolished world war II era buildings. These buildings have tons of hazardous waste in them. Asbestos was the main thing that my crew abated although sometimes we would abate lead or clean up mercury or pcb’s. Before we could ship these waste bags there were steps that had to be taken. For example, say we abated asbestos from a room that was high contamination. Radiation Control would survey it, we would put it in a 6 mil poly asbestos bag with the proper labeling on it. We would add water absorbant to the bag because the landfills do not allow water to be buried with the waste. We would then double bag it, gooseneck the bag and tape it off. Then we would load them into B25 boxes and fill as much as we could then pur vermiculate into the box because the landfill did not accept empty space. These would then be loaded onto a semi truck, waste labels for radiation, waste transportation labels and asbestos labels would be posted on the outside of the boxes and shipped to Nevada to be buried.