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Project Description:


You work as a data analyst for Camino Marketing, a U.S.-based web marketing company. You have been asked to conduct an employee satisfaction survey. As part of the survey, you will collect sample data to help provide insight into employee salaries, productivity within the three national offices, and to predict the growth of the New York office’s client base by 2025. Start   Excel. Download and open the file named Exp19_Excel_Ch08_CapAssessment_EmployeeSatisfaction.xlsx. Grader has automatically added   your last name to the beginning of the filename. Ensure the Employee Satisfaction   worksheet is active, then use the FREQUENCY function to calculate the   frequency distribution of job satisfaction in column D. Place your results in   the range G5:G9. Enter a function in cell G12 to   calculate the standard deviation of column c. Enter a function in cell G13 to   calculate the variance between salaries.  Enter a function in cell G14 to   calculate the Covariance of the salaries and job satisfaction in the data   set. Note this is a sample of data not a population. Enter a function in cell F17 to   calculate the correlation coefficient between employee salary and job   satisfaction. Ensure the Data Analysis ToolPak   add-in is active. Use the Data Analysis ToolPak to create a histogram based   on the salaries in column C. Use the range I4:I9 as the Bin Range. Ensure   that Cumulative percentage, column labels, and chart output are included in   the results. Place the results in cell K4. Edit the result text in cell K4 to   display   Salary, if   necessary. Ensure the Office_Data worksheet   is active. Use the Data Analysis ToolPak to perform a single factor ANOVA on   the range C3:E35. Place the results starting in cell G3. Be sure to include   column labels. Resize columns G:M as needed. Create a Forecast Sheet that   depicts year over year growth in customer growth. Set the Forecast end year   as 2025 and place the results on a new worksheet named 2025Forecast. Ensure the Customers worksheet   is active then create a scatter plot chart that places the Years on the X   axis and the Clients on the Y axis. Add a linear trendline to the chart that   also shows the Equation and the R-square. Add the title Customer   Growth. Enter a function in cell E4 to   calculate the intercept of the linear trendline created in the prior step. Enter a function in cell F4 to   calculate the Slope of the linear trendline. Enter a function in cell G4 to   calculate the R-square of the linear trendline. Enter a function in cell H4 to   calculate the Standard Error.  Use the FORECAST.LINEAR function   in cell E7 to the total number of customers by the end of 2021.  Complete your analysis by added   formulas in the range F7:G7 to calculate the high and low thresholds of the   forecast. Save and close Exp19_Excel_Ch08_CapAssessment_EmployeeSatisfaction.xlsx.   Exit Excel. Submit the file as directed.