Essay: the american dream: easy or not?

Write a paper in which you identify Dinesh D’Souza’s main ideas in “Becoming American” and use one or two of the other texts below to either support or challenge D’Souza’s beliefs about the American Dream.

Note: Your primary text is D’Souza’s. Use the secondary text(s) to either support or challenge (not both) “Becoming American.” To supplement your discussion of the texts, you may also use personal experiences, but do not make these the focus of the paper. The focus should be the texts and the relationship between their ideas. Secondary texts:  Kevin Jennings’ “American Dreams”  Andrew Lam’s “Immigrants, Memories and Trash”  Fiona Citkin’s “For Immigrant Women, the American Dream is Alive and Well”

P.s. Read the first document I submitted carefully, all the requirements are in this prompt. 

The pictures are the article “becoming american”, and other articles can be found on google

This essay should only write about these articles that mentioned in the prompt, do not cite from other articles besides these.

this essay need to have a thesis statement in the intro paragraph, and have a topic sentence for each body paragraph. also, need to have citations from the articles and explain them.