Deliverable 5 – a cultural connection: showcasing quality through


Being a member of the quality team, you are working with a member of HR to create a quality improvement strategy and training for the hospital. This training will engage the healthcare staff in promoting diversity and inclusion in healthcare to improve patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction.


Develop a PowerPoint presentation (using speaker notes for each slide or voiceover narration) that will be presented to the Director of Quality. Include the following information in the training:

  1. Devise one quality improvement goal and one objective addressing cultural competence in healthcare for the hospital
  2. Develop three initiatives to meet the objective within the next year.
  3. Select one initiative and create a staff training that can be implemented within the next 30 days. The training should include:
  • An analysis of the growing need for diversity awareness and inclusion
  • Discuss the value of cultural competence in healthcare quality improvement
  • Evaluate the relationship of patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction related to diversity awareness and inclusion
  • A training activity related to cultural competence and quality improvement


Clear and thorough explanation of one quality improvement goal and one quality improvement objective addressing cultural competence in healthcare. Provided multiple supporting rationales for the goal and objective.

Comprehensive list of at least three initiatives designed to meet the quality improvement objective. Included multiple examples for each item on the list.

Clear and thorough training plan. Included comprehensive descriptions with multiple supporting examples for each sub-bullet.