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Following the guidelines in the section Elements of a Research Proposal (pp. 24-25) and using the report Street Prostitution in Raleigh, North Carolina: A Final Report to the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Community Oriented Policing Services on the Field Applications of the Problem-Oriented Guides for Police Project found at streetProstitution.pdf (  , identify the following:

  1. Problem or objective of the study
  2. Research question(s)
  3. Subjects for study
  4. Measurement – What are the key variables in the study?
  5. Data collection – How was the data collected in the study?
  6. Analysis – What kind of analysis was done in the study?
  7. Results – What were the results of the study?

file attached. Only study what is in this ATTACHEMENT. DO NOT USE OUTSIDE SOURCES AT ALL.