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Case 3

Aussie Pooch Mobile Discussion Questions

1.     Describe Christine Taylor’s customers.


2.     What are some of the reasons for Christine Taylor’s success?


3.     What are the barriers to entry in the mobile dog washing industry?


4.     Mobile dog washing businesses make more money by maximizing _____ and minimizing ______.


5.     Why is expansion through franchising often seen as more attractive / easier than expansion through company owned stores?


6.     Is the market saturated?  Or, is there still room for growth in the mobile dog washing industry?


7.     What are the characteristics of a potential franchisee that are required for success?


8.     Which franchise would you choose as a potential franchisee, APM, Jim’s, or HydroDog?



Franchise price

# homes in territory

Price per home

Offer aromatherapy?

Offer blow drying?
























9.     Should she consider creating additional brands (e.g., sub-branding, brand extensions)?


10.  What are the advantages of owning an APM franchise?


11.  What potential tensions could exist as franchisees become more profitable and more experienced operating the APM?


12.  In any industry, success most often leads to __________.



13.  What are some issues associated with trying to convert existing independent operators to franchisees?