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Assignment 1.3: Conflicting Viewpoints Essay – Part III

Synthesizing and Writing
Due Week 9 and worth 150 points

The assignment is divided into three (3) parts.
For Part I of the assignment (due Week 2), you read a book excerpt about critical thinking processes, reviewed the Website in order to gather information, and engaged in prewriting to examine your thoughts.

* Remember that in the Week 2 Discussion, you examined the biases discussed in Chapter 2 of the Webtext.

In Part II of the assignment (due Week 4), you identified, presented and evaluated two arguments, one supporting your own view, and one supporting the view that you don’t agree with.

Part III – Synthesizing and Writing
Write at three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. State your position on the topic you selected for Assignment 1.1.
  2. Identify the strongest argument that supports your position in the debate. Present the argument and evaluate it (do it in an essay form, and so, differently than what you did in Assignment 1.2). Do the same for the strongest argument supporting your opponent’s view. Which argument is stronger and how can we assess that?
  3. Explain your answers to the “believing game” questions about the three (3) premises opposing your position from the website.