3m canada case study. | Operations Management homework help


  You’ll read a case study

The key questions and deliverables I want each team to address are:

a. Evaluate the costs of the current distribution system and a direct-to-hospital supply chain solution in the following areas: storage, fulfillment, customer service, transportation, and warehouse handling.  Compare and contrast the two methods and determine the lowest cost alternative.

b. Besides costs, what other factors should be taken into consideration as part of the analysis? How do these influence your decision?

c. As Scott Davis, what recommendation would you make to Matt Pepe, and why?  

d. Separate question: Should 3M hire a third-party logistics provider (3PL) to handle its distribution?  If so, please explain why

The final output I want from each team will be a PowerPoint presentation emailed to me electronically. Target no more than 12-15 slides total. Additionally, you can provide a spreadsheet with your detailed calculations for the cost analysis.