1500 words case study | Applied Sciences homework help

Remember the last 15 annotated bibliography and 15 peer pe reviewed journal articles? Now, I am continuing the some topic but now I have *case study *

#So the question is:

Case study – Each student is expected to identify a site within the area outlined above for the purpose of conducting their research and directly related to the readings in the book. Then, you will use the data available on www.healthycity.org website or other sites, each student will utilize the data from these site along with their visual observation of the site in order to conduct an analysis of their case. The final paper should be a quality paper consisted of specific problem/research question, literature review and analysis of the findings. It is imperative to link the findings to the literature review. The 1500 word long case study will include the background information on the physical environment and the demographics in addition to the data analysis.

“My area is Los Angeles”

So it’s required 1500 words, double space, and now we are focusing on How LA became unsustainable city? How does that happen ? Where is data in demystify? Imagine that I visited the city and found several problems such as vehicle emissions, buildings that are not environmentally friendly, etc. Then I link these problems to my research and try to find a solution to the problems.

Remember my research question was how to make los angeles sustainable city. Please I want you to use your experience in this work because I don’t know who to get data from www.healthycity.org and use it in my topic.


Also I have some comments for the last 15 peer pe reviewed journal articles,

1. few comments. Needs careful editing so sentences are not fragments or run-ons. 2. You don’t need to say or mention 15 annotated biblio. 3. What are the challenges with the green buildings and what does the lit say about it. 4. You have some citation errors such ad According to Carter but no date… 5. The fundamental issue is how can we have sustainable buildings and have social equity? Who will pay for it? What would do that do to the housing cost etc. So this lit review is a good start and start thinking and looking all aspects of sustainable communities and can we achieve that universally across LA.