12-point essay ” many people prefer traveling by airplane i prefer

The 12-point essay is a miniature outline of a five-paragraph essay. It has 12 sentences in it. It has an introductory sentence followed by a three-pronged thesis statement. Afterward, there are three short paragraphs. Each paragraph has three sentence that support one prong of the thesis statement. The last sentence is a conclusion.

12-Point Essay Outline
1. Introduction (mentions topics)
2. Thesis (contains “because” and three supports – A.B.C.)
3. First support of the thesis (states A)
4. First support of A
5. Second support of A
6. Second support of the thesis (states B)
7. First support of B
8. Second support of B
9. Third support of thesis (states C)
10. First support of C
11. Second support of C
12. Conclusion