1. please discuss the different types of documents you have


1. Please discuss the different types of documents you have experience with drafting for executives, elected officials, and/or board members in a large organization. Include in your response, details of the type of documents, for whom the documents were drafted for, and the scope of your involvement in drafting such documents. 

2. Please discuss any experience you have with establishing and implementing a filing system of data, emails, and documents in a large organization. In your response, include information of the system you established/created and how you implemented this. 

3. Describe any experience you possess with handling confidential information, documents, and/or tasks. In your response, also describe how you handled such duties and give a brief desсrіption of the information, documents, and/or tasks that would classify it as being confidential (e.g. employee records, medical records, etc.). Please use this resume to answer the questions:

Election Assistant III (County) .

Supervises the work of subordinate supervisors in the receipt, inspection, storage, and recording of voted ballot cards at a tally center. Assign Election Assistant II′s to resolve precinct operational problems. Receives, evaluates, and resolves precinct operational problems. . Directs over 40 Election Assistant II′s, supervising the processing of voted ballot cards ensuring proper procedures are applied. Resolves difficult problems referred to by Election Assistant II′s. Prepares records, reports, and correspondence concerning activities of the department. Plans, directs, trains, and supervises voter outreach activities. Provides training to precinct officers. Operates election votes collection centers. 

Human Resource Specialist (Military)

Organizing, maintaining, and reviewing personnel records, data entry and retrieval; processing recommendations, arranging award ceremonies, preparing, updating, and coordinating requests for evaluations, preparing and monitoring Soldier requests for ID cards and tags, leave of absence, and passes, ordering and maintain office supplies. . Evaluate personnel qualifications for special assignments. Prepare and process requests for transfer or reassignment, and transition processing, meal cards, training soldiers support file, and unit administration. . Monitored and slotted line of duty roles for personnel accounting and strength management to include temporary data and travel, personnel processing, personnel security clearance, and special pay. 

Administrative Manager

Train and mentor new personnel in onboarding procedure as well as all employees in newly implemented technology, and build team members to comply with company needs, initiate team building for members of staff to ensure high morale and ethical practices. Submit all necessary new hire paperwork and personnel changes. . Effectively organize, manage, track and complete multiple detailed tasks and assignments with frequently changing priorities and deadlines in a fast-paced work environment. Identify areas for improvement in policies, procedures, business processes, and deliver strategic recommendations to the president on key issues. . Develop, implement and evaluate communications strategies and programs designed to inform clients, MOBI members, employees, and the general public of initiatives and policies of the company

Sales Manager

Create a world-class customer experience by providing passionate customer service and selling through customer engagement specifically but not limited to the sports department. . Promote company programs including warranty sales, loyalty program, private-label credit cards, and other seasonal promotions. . Uphold company standards for merchandise presentation of the best apparel and equipment brands 

Administrative Assistant (City)

Assisted hundreds of clients daily via email, phone, and in-person; responsible for directing clients to the appropriate department and answering all general questions. Performed filling and data management, as well as drafting and editing office memos. . Recorded council meetings as well as meeting notes, prepared presentations for the city council and other departments . Administrative support for managers, council and city manager correspondence, preparing community mailings and background information . Research and led the acquisition of new office management software that effectively streamlined the administrative procedures.